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RAID Modules and Bay Coolers
Protect your hard disk investment

We off preconfigured RAID solutions on our Computer System Page. The ultimate configuration includes a Mylex ExtremeRAID RAID controller, a rack mount or tower chassis, one or more back plane for each channel and CRU Dataports U2W hot swap modules for each hard drive. The Mylex ExtremeRAID RAID controller is the fastest RAID controller on the market. It is supported by Linux, Windows NT, Netware, SCO UnixWare, SCO OpenServer, ODT &OSR 5.x, OS/2 and DOS. We preload the operating system at no additional charge (except for licensing fees as appropriate). We offer both complete RAID servers as well as RAID array add-ons to an existing server. We also offer individual components for clients who wish to build their own RAID solutions.

Linux makes for an excellent RAID 5 file or Internet server. We currently use our own Option IV Rack Mount RAID5 Linux box as our main server. It features storage and serves diverse client types including thin diskless Linux clients which boot from the RAID array. Back up is automated using a robotic tape autoloader.

The hot swap modules and Bay Coolers listed below offer important benefits. High RPM disks can initiate a high resonance frequency in some chassis. The RAID Hot Swap Modules dampen vibrations on high RPM disks. Their solid aluminum construction assists in conductive heat dissipation while the two 40mm fans aid in heat convection. 10,000RPM and 15,000 SCSI hard disks are one the most expensive investments. They are also the most intolerant components to high temperatures. At temperatures above 130F disk failures will occur. During periods of peak disk activity disks heat up at alarming rates. Keeping the chassis temperature down can prevent disk failure and reduce the risk of data loss. RAID Hot Swap Modules and Bay Coolers can be used with any SCSI disk in any standard 5.25" chassis bay. They reduce the disk and chassis temperature by increasing ventilation.

Hot Swap Modules

Alarm buzzer for fan failure
Supports 3.5" high capacity drives  
  including 18Gig
Gold plated connectors
Thermostatically Controlled Cooling
  System(TCCS) can prolong drive life
  up to 50%
SCSI ID selector switch with LED display
Cast alloy metal cartridge and frame
Drive activity LED
Key lock ON/OFF security
7 Segment SCSI ID Display
Fan Failure Alarm
Cast Alloy Metal Cartridge/Frame
Flat front, Indented handle, Aluminum frame and cartridge, Ball bearing fan with failure alarm, 
9.25"L X 5.8"W X 1.62"H (inch) 
235L X 148W X 42H (mm)
1152g, 2 lbs, 4 oz
Product Description 
DataPort VI Removable Storage Module is the DataPort designed for high capacity 7,200 and 10,000 RPM 3.5” Ultra Wide and LVD SCSI drives. The DataPort VI cartridge is constructed from cast alloy metal for improved heat dispersion (lowers the temperature of the hard disk drive by 20%) and maximum durability. It also features a visible as well as audible alarm beeper that will give a warning indicating cooling fan failure.

With the built-in fan alarm and cast alloy metal cartridge, the DataPort VI provides a cooler and safer working environment for the hard disk drive. It could prevent permanent damage to the storage device resulting in non-recoverable Data loss.

DataPort VI "SCA" 
Developed to support "Single Connector Attachment" hard disk drives.  Same features as standard DataPort VI with a single 80 pin cable connection in the cartridge.

SCSI Hot Swap Modules with backplane:

Frame Design: The Frame design includes one frame per module. No back-plane is required. Use up to three Dataports with Frames per Ultra Wide or U2W SCSI Channel. For four or more drives per channel use the back-plane models instead:

Back-plane Design: Instead of installing one frame per module, you can buy a single back plane for each SCSI channel. Each back-plane can hold two, three or four modules. The modules are sold separately. The back-plane design lower impedance and allows four or more Ultra Wide or Ultra2 Wide LVD disks per SCSI channel. A back plane will occupy from two to four consecutive standard 5.25" drive bays.

Hot Swap Modules

DPT Hot Swap Modules

Hot Swap Modules

Hot Swap SCA Backplane

Hot Swap SCA Backplane

Hot Swap Modules

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